Okay, let's do this while it's still fresh in my mind (yes, I took pen and paper, but ended up not really needing it) and before people see the need to poke me.

Before anything else, I have to say that walking over a red carpet framed by looots of cameras and people is scary.

Four actors and the director showed up for this screening, but no actress. Hence I have nothing to say beyond what happens in the movie.

I remember seeing the movie being classified as 'thriller'. Well, either I'm losing my soft touch or somebody gets excited very easily and/or clicked the wrong button. In other words, I don't think this movie's a thriller at all. It's a lil tale about how fucked up life is and how power and money do the fucking. They say 'fuck' a damn fucking lot in this movie, btw. Anyway, to sum up the plot: a lot of people lose their jobs, a lot of money gets lost, too, and a dog dies (that's important because it gets us Mary... yeah, sacrifices have to be made). When I first looked onto my watch an hour had passed and I had the feeling nothing had really happened... but there are beautiful shots of the city at night, of doors closing, of shoes. Images were given space in this movie, which makes it kinda slow imho - not necessarily a bad thing as I do enjoy beautiful shots that carry emotions and messages without there being much to them. Also, despite the seriousness of the topic and the situation at hand, the movie has a few LOLz and the actors did a great job.

Now, on to Mary. She only appears in the last scene, shows up barefoot in a robe over a short nightgown with buttons undone and thus a nice cleavage (yes, I'm talking (in)famous red-dress cleavage here). However, I think this is the oldest I've ever seen her looking... no visible make-up, dark circles under her eyes. Again, not really a bad thing, I just noticed. Eventually, she closes the robe and leaves just like entered the scene - and there the movie ends.

Conclusion: If you always wanted to see Mary's boobs on the big screen, this is your chance. However, I would advice against watching this movie solely for Mary coz you have to sit through about two hours of mostly guys talking numbers, money and power in order to see her for maybe two minutes. Go and see the movie if you're interested in it(s story) and consider Mary a nice bonus - that might be the better way to take this on.

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